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Thursday, June 29, 2006


According to this article, Nova Scotians can no longer do their Big Box grocery shopping on Sundays. And here's the kicker... They voted for it! Apparently, grocery stores over 4000 sq. ft. that stay open on Sundays will face up to a $1000 fine/day. Which would probably be worth taking, if it weren't for their parent company facing a $15,000 fine as well.
This whole thing seems a little ridiculous to me. Not everyone considers Sunday to be a 'Holy Day' (But apparently 50% +1 of Nova Scotians do). What makes it worse to shop for groceries on a Sunday, than to shop for books at Chapters? (Bookstores are allowed to remain open)
I guess those Maritimers have their own way of doing things... But then again, I'm from Quebec, so I shouldn't talk.


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