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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Beautiful Game?

Just came up from the big screens in Scotia Plaza. The Italian Diving Team is living up to their reputation. Go Germany.

Amusing Post from Kinsella

While I don't always agree with Warren Kinsella, I can definitely always appreciate the guy's ability to stand up for himself. He's not known for pulling any punches. His latest post, for example.

Shameless Plug

In my second life, I'm an instructor of Thai Kickboxing (Muay Thai) at the Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy (TKMT).
Today marks our first day at our new location where we can proudly proclaim ourselves to be the biggest, best equipped kickboxing gym in downtown Toronto. The new location is 610 Queen St. W. - third floor (west of Bathurst St.)

In just over a year, the club has grown from 4 to over 90 full time students. And this was in a 2000 sq. ft. facility. Imagine the possibilities now that we're in a 6000 sq. ft. facility, complete with a boxing ring, yoga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and kickboxing classes.
Members range from University Students to Bay Street lawyers. The one thing they all have in common is that they're all looking for the workout of their life and a fun, community-type atmosphere. Some choose to spar, others choose to simply work out. We're able to personalize the experience to whatever it is the member is looking for.

If anybody's interested, check out our website at or drop me an email.

See you on the mats.

A penny saved...

I flipped on The National last night and was assulted by on-the-street interviews with Average Joes (and Janes) who were just disgusted by the 1% decrease in the GST. They rambled on about how this is just a ploy to make the government appear as if they are doing something when they're really not.
Newsflash: They are doing something... to the tune of $5,000,000,000 in savings to Canadian consumers. The 1% decrease in the GST is not intended to save you money on your morning coffee. (A large Tim Horton's went from $1.44 to $1.43... if I hold on to the savings, in 2 years I'll have enough to buy myself a Booster Juice)
Where the decrease is intended to make waves is in the purchase of big ticket items like cars and houses where you could see savings anywhere from $350 and up.
I really wish that before people took the opportunity to bitch and moan on national television, they'd take the time to think out their arguments in an attempt to save themselves from looking like idiots.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


According to this article, Nova Scotians can no longer do their Big Box grocery shopping on Sundays. And here's the kicker... They voted for it! Apparently, grocery stores over 4000 sq. ft. that stay open on Sundays will face up to a $1000 fine/day. Which would probably be worth taking, if it weren't for their parent company facing a $15,000 fine as well.
This whole thing seems a little ridiculous to me. Not everyone considers Sunday to be a 'Holy Day' (But apparently 50% +1 of Nova Scotians do). What makes it worse to shop for groceries on a Sunday, than to shop for books at Chapters? (Bookstores are allowed to remain open)
I guess those Maritimers have their own way of doing things... But then again, I'm from Quebec, so I shouldn't talk.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Money Terribly Spent

I read an article by Larry Zolf on the other day absolutely bashing the Harper government that put the final nail in the coffin as far as my contempt for the CBC goes. It's not even the opinion expressed in the article that gets to me, but the fact that the article itself was so poorly written. If the CBC is going to continue to allow its columnists to attack the Harper government, then at least try to make sure that their arguments are cogent and well supported.
Statements like

"Above anything else, Harper believes that the state is inherently evil and cannot be trusted with anything."

Without any kind of backing should be laughed at, not put in print.

On thinking about the subject a little more, I came to realize that it's not even the fact that the CBC is so pro-liberal that pisses me off. It's the fact that they are a federally funded service that has blatantly decided to take the side of a political party. While I'd probably agree with their articles more often, the same would hold true if they blatantly supported the Conservative party.

At least with the Toronto Star -- left leaning as well -- I have the choice as to whether or not to spend my money in order to read their opinions. With the CBC, however, I have no such choice.

Two solutions:
1. Privatise the CBC and let them say whatever the hell they want
2. Hire some reporters/columnists who support the Conservative party so that they can give their side of the argument.


I'm kind of new to this whole blogging thing, so bear with me while I get through some of the growing pains. Basically, I was sick and tired of reading blogs like the Western Standard where people base their political opinions on what the bible says.
It also really ticks me off that these hard-line right-wingers can never seem to admit they're wrong and have absolutely no ability to see anything from anybody else's perspective.
I hope you'll come back and visit as the posts start flowing.